Wine Barrel Water Tank


Wine Barrel Water Tank


Our Wine Barrel Water Tank is a great feature in the garden to collect the rainwater from the down pipe. At the top of the barrel is a neatly cut hole with a metal ring and a strainer to stop debris. The water would not be suitable for drinking, however ideal for the garden. Fitted with an overflow pipe at the top and a solid quality tap at the bottom makes this 330 L Wine Barrel Water Tank fully operational. Bands are secured with stainless steel screws and the barrel comes completely finished in natural decking oil.

Product Measurements (Approximately)

    • Height 1000 – 1050 mm
    • Length 750 – 800 mm
    • Width 750 – 800 mm
    • Weight 50 – 70 kg
    • Water Capacity 330 L

The Rustic Furniture Company is re-branded as Quality Barrels Australia (QBA)

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