330L Hogshead Wine Barrel (Restored and Refurbished) (Black Bands)


330L Hogshead Wine Barrel (Restored and Refurbished) (Black Bands)


All our 330L Hogshead Wine Barrels are hand Restored and Refurbished on-site by our Barrel Craftsman using repurposed wine barrels sourced from South Australian Wineries. Our rigorous Restore and Refurbish process not only provides you with an amazing looking barrel, but one that will last a very long time.

We offer a specialised black band customisation where the barrel bands are carefully removed and re-coated, giving a richer and more sophisticated tone to the barrel.

Since all our barrels are repurposed, they are all slightly unique in their shape and colouring. When purchasing more than one we try to ensure (if requested) you receive barrels that are similar in stature and go together aesthetically.

As our best-selling barrel you are likely to encounter a 330L Hogshead Wine Barrel in restaurants, bars, decks, BBQ areas, wedding venues, hotels and anywhere someone may need to rest a drink.

330L Hogshead Wine Barrel (Restored and Refurbished) (Black Bands) Dimensions:

Height – 1000mm – 1050mm

Bilge (Belly) Diameter – 750mm – 780mm

Lid Diameter – 580mm – 620mm

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We offer a regular 330L Hogshead Oak Wine Barrel (without the black bands) that might better suit your budget or aesthetic of your project. These barrels are identical to the black band barrels however they have just not undergone the customisation.

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